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Today's post is dedicated to Casares de Semilly, a young Selle Français (SP) gelding who, like many young horses, has experienced his ups and downs at the start of his riding career.

Casares, a descendant of the outstanding stallion Diamant de Semilly, one of the most significant French stallions who was recognized as the best show jumping stallion in 2015 by the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH). His start was promising—he was well-behaved, learned quickly, and seemed cooperative. However, as is often the case, difficulties arose over time. Towards the end of the indoor season in 2023, Casares began to show signs of stress and restlessness, posing challenges for both him and his caregiver.

Below follows the story written by his owner, which we invite you to read.


Casares de Semilly is a five-year-old Selle Français gelding sired by Diamant de Semilly. He came to me freshly trained in December 2022. The beginning of our work together was ideal:a well-behaved, quick-learning, and cooperative young gelding.


Problems began to emerge towards the end of the indoor season in 2023. His only expression of "youthful defiance" was that he became hot; he never bucked or reared, but he turned out to be unrideable, avoided contact, and ran strongly forward. I am aware of my mistakes along the way, and attempts to correct them were either ineffective or only worked temporarily. At that time, I tried using calming herbs, changing his diet, and increasing the amount and intensity of his exercise.

Thanks to all these factors, we made small progress and differences, yet a breakthrough came early this year with the use of Hempqualizer+.


The supplement calmed him so much that he is much quieter both in training and in the field, and easier to calm in stressful situations. A simple example is the comparison between tournaments in December last year and this March. In December, there were good and clean, but very chaotic rounds in the L class. Three months of work at home and a one-month course of Hempqualizer+, and in March the horse debuted in the P and N classes, trotting slowly, not overheating, and not stressed. Casares likely has such a personality and character that he will never be an "apathetic," "sluggish," or calm horse, but I am happy that I can primarily help him, and also myself.

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