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We present a case study of a horse belonging to one of our clients, suffering from spavin.

'Spavin' is a joint condition, particularly affecting the hock joints, that can cause pain and restricted movement in horses. This case study provides insights into the treatment and management of this condition..

Koń ze szpatem

Zamarkus, 16 years old, gelding, SP, spavin

History: Daily leisure and dressage riding, about 1 hour per day. Degeneration in both hock joints, spavin diagnosed at the age of 6, work suspended during joint swelling.

Prevention: Physiotherapy, magnetic protective boots, long warm-up phases before riding, supplementation with chondroprotectors.

Current Issue: Unwillingness to move on hard ground, lameness, and general stiffness due to the drop in temperature. Typical for this type of condition in the autumn and winter months. Additionally, due to the severe stiffness in the body, the horse began to compensate movements with its neck (where it also has slight degeneration), leading to a lack of bending in turns.

Supplementation with Hempqualizer+: Introduction of supplementation with Hempqualizer+ at a dose of 2ml per day. The first effects were seen after 3 days of administering the supplement. The horse was much more relaxed at the start of work, very eager to move, no stiffness in turns and bends, no lameness. Electro-stimulation (EMS) was also introduced in the neck area. After a week, it was noticeable that the neck and shoulder blades were relaxed and everything began to respond well to the therapy.

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