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We present the case of Dixan, who has significant mobility issues - diagnosed with spavin. The case description was submitted by the owner.

Koń stojący w lesie


HORSE HISTORY: Unfortunately, the horse was ridden very early at about 2.5 years of age. Purchased as a three-year-old by the current owner. Fortunately, he was not involved in racing or training in that regard. With the current owner, he is used purely for recreational purposes, and they are completely fine with that. Some train and compete in events, while others, like us, spend time mainly riding in the countryside and enjoying each other's company.

PROBLEM: Over time, health problems began to emerge, first back pain and kissing spine syndrome, and then, at the beginning of this year, degeneration of the hock joints in the pelvic limbs, known as spavin. It started with occasional dropping/losing of alternately the left and then the right hind limb during riding. Then, in January of this year, there was a problem with lifting the legs during daily hoof care of the hind legs.

SYMPTOMS: Reluctance to move on both hard and soft ground, lameness, and stiffness typical of the current time of year (symptoms are more intense in autumn and winter).

PREVENTION: Long warm-ups at a walk, visits from a physiotherapist, leech therapy, magnetic protectors, supplementation with chondroprotectors and herbs additionally.

SUPPLEMENTATION WITH HEMPQUALIZER: Alternately using Hempqualizer and Hempqualizer + in a dose of 2 ml or 1 ml per day depending on the paste used. The horse is more willing to lift its legs during cleaning. Currently, for the past 3 months, rarely ridden under saddle. In free movement or ground work, stiffness is barely noticeable and after warm-up, it is not visible at all. The horse is more eager to move and happier. Additionally, these pastes are perfect in stressful situations for my horse. Transport, which is not one of his favorite activities, no longer stresses him as much as before, and most importantly, he loads into the trailer or horsebox much faster and endures the ride to the destination with stoic calm.

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