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Spavin-case of Kalina

Below is the description of Kalina's case, where supplementation with Hempqualizer+ was implemented, initially aimed at calming, but ultimately with a surprising effect for the owner.

horse with spavin

Kalina, 7 years old, a Silesian and Wielkopolski mix, Spavin

Horse history: The horse was quickly trained at the age of 2.5 years, used for recreational purposes, a bit in jumping, likely suffered a knee injury during its foal years. The horse was diagnosed with spavin in 2022 and treated with joint injections.

Symptoms of the condition: lameness, reluctance to move, tension in the body. Previous treatment: Joint injections with steroids, blockades, pain and anti-inflammatory medications, herbs and joint supplements added to the diet, change to a low-starch diet, and moving to a free-range stable.

Effects of Hempqualizer+ supplementation: I have been using the supplement for 3 weeks at 2ml per day (horse 800kg). After a week of use, noticeable significant calming and improved concentration were observed. After 2 weeks of use, visible improvement in movement, reduced lameness, much faster relaxation of the horse, and a much greater willingness to move, noticeable improvement in well-being and attitude towards training. The horse was supposed to have more injections, which we are currently postponing for now :)

The continuation of the story and the effects of using the supplements in this case will follow...

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