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On our blog, we share stories of success and transformation, but today's story stands out with a special approach to the challenges that can arise in caring for the health of our horses. The story we want to present is not only about the effectiveness of our product Hempqualizer+, but also about our commitment to the individual needs of each customer and their animal.

Our customer began using Hempqualizer+ in early February, seeking relief for her horse, which was suffering from respiratory problems, joint stiffness, and bone spavin. The initial effects were promising—increased focus and relaxation during riding. However, unexpected symptoms soon appeared in the form of episodic coughing, prompting us to conduct a deeper analysis and collaborate to find the cause.

What we discovered led to the personalization of our approach and the adaptation of the product to meet the unique needs of our customer's horse, by eliminating lemon balm extract, which seemed to be causing an allergic reaction. The result? Improvement without further adverse effects, maintaining relaxation and focus, and a positive impact on the horse's health condition. Below is the case description of Kordel, submitted by his caregiver.

Hempqualizer+ was purchased on the evening of February 4th, arrived on February 6th, and we began using it on the 7th.

PROBLEMS: RAO, bone spavin, and issues with the sacroiliac joint, which led to stiffness in the horse.

RAO CONDITION: 1-2 coughs while riding, no discharge, after an examination conducted about a month earlier (broncho + BAL). I decided not to change the horse's diet and supplementation during this period to get a clear picture of the effects.


From the first use, the horse's increased focus while riding was noticeable. After a few days, the horse began to be looser from the start of riding, and I also noticed that it was more willing to move "forward."

However, concerning respiratory issues, strange things began to happen—the horse snorted a lot and started to cough episodically, but not deeply from inside, rather a "throaty" cough as if something was stuck. Initially, I thought there might still be mucus, only thick and deep, and the horse was trying to get rid of it. However, after a few days, the episodic cough began already in the grooming phase, a few minutes after administering the product (I always administered the product after preparing the horse, it had no further access to anything).

On February 21st (after 14 days), I reported the problem with the episodic cough, and we decided to administer a larger amount (3ml) for 2-3 days, then reduce it to 1ml and see what happens. I bought another tube (in a different store) and followed the suggestion. The cough was strong, lasting most of the time while I was preparing the horse and then riding. It basically only stopped after the meal (mash) after riding. After 3 days, I reduced from 3ml to 1ml and completely stopped after another 2 days. After discontinuing, the episodic cough disappeared overnight completely, leaving 1-2 "standard" coughs as before treatment.


Of course, I informed the manufacturer of Hempqualizer+ about everything—we were in constant contact and began considering which ingredient could trigger an allergic reaction as it appeared to be a severe contact allergy. Here, the manufacturer met me and the horse halfway—proposing to send a version without lemon balm extract (just highly concentrated CBD + coconut oil). Since the horse had previously received CBD, it should not be allergenic, nor should coconut oil. After 3 days, I received the preparation without lemon balm extract. I began administering it, and no adverse effects occurred—no cough (there remained the 1-2 coughs while riding, but not always)—but what remained was the horse's looseness and focus. Additionally, interestingly, during a period of 4 days, some secretion did occur. I did not notice that the horse was particularly calmed, but it is quite calm, certainly more focused while riding. What pleases me is that the horse is loose from the beginning of the ride and moves freely, willingly moving forward—previously it took some time to "let go." Despite the absence of lemon balm—the CBD is clearly more effective than the oils I had purchased before.

I am honestly surprised by the manufacturer's approach because, to fully test the effect—I ultimately received 2 packages—which allowed me to test the preparation over a longer period. Currently, I will be buying another package—we have a phase of increased stress, and I think it is worthwhile to support the horse during this time due to the presence of degenerations (spavin).

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