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 Today we want to share the story of Ilonus, a 20-year-old gelding with a rich sporting career, who, despite his age and health challenges, has retained his youthful energy and zest for life.

Ilonus, currently under the care of the Pomagaj Pomagać Różaland Association, suffered from advanced RAO (Recurrent Airway Obstruction), a condition that made every breath a struggle and where traditional treatment methods only brought partial improvements. His story could have been limited to the description of these difficulties, but the use of Hempqualizer brought unexpected and rapid results that not only eased Ilonus's breathing but also improved his overall mental and physical state. Moreover, introducing Hempqualizer to his diet allowed for a reduction in the medications and therapies that had been an integral part of his daily life.


Ilonus is a 20-year-old gelding who has had a sporting career in show jumping. He suffers from advanced RAO. Tests showed that he is allergic to 99.9% of allergens. The veterinarians who conducted the test were as shocked as we were. As he still carries a young spirit, in addition to regular outings to a large paddock, he needs movement under the saddle. He is a true volcano of energy.

Even in the stable, he had great difficulty breathing; under the saddle or in the paddock, it was even worse. Previously, we regularly watered the riding arena to prevent dust. Additionally, Ilonus received inhalations, diraterol, ACC, and had inhalation therapies. He breathed much better, but it was still not satisfactory.


After hearing good reviews, we decided to take a risk and began using Hempqualizer with the onset of spring. The first effects did not take long to appear. Initially, they were visible when the horse was in the stable (I add that even while eating, his breathing before the supplement was very fast and shallow), but later we began to notice the effects after riding or during it. This was very surprising to us because last year at this time, we couldn't do without inhalations, and yet they didn't bring significant improvement. But this year, Hempqualizer+ was enough.

Initially, we were surprised by the effect on RAO, but we found that the horse, which had previously managed to break away several times on the way to the paddock, no longer did so. A horse that only came onto the arena and immediately switched into his very fast mode became a horse that maintained a steady, even pace throughout the ride. We only hoped that Hempqualizer+ would work on RAO, but not only did it handle that, it also provided additional calming.

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