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We are pleased to present a brief case study of another horse with RAO.

Brązowy koń z RAO

FARAON, a gelding, warmblood breed, 26 years old, RAO

RAO was diagnosed over 10 years ago. He underwent several steroid therapies (inhalation), and occasionally took steroids in tablet form. Currently, he enjoys life by playing freely, training in ground dressage, and learning various tricks. He remains active and full of energy.

Symptoms: In periods of greater stress - such as sudden weather changes and associated rheumatic pains - and especially in early spring and summer, he experiences wheezing and tightness, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Treatment: Steroid treatment helped, but I was very keen to avoid using them if at all possible. We provided a lifestyle and everything possible to prevent attacks, but unfortunately, they still occurred.

30-day supplementation with Hempqualizer+: Initially, we set the dose at 1ml per day, but after about 2/3 weeks, following consultation with the manufacturer, I decided to increase it to 2ml per day, as I saw a general calming effect, but he still had occasional worsening episodes and needed inhalation. Currently, I only use the inhaler sporadically when he really needs it, and most of the time he is just on the supplement and is doing very well.

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