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We present another case study submitted by the owner of Bufflo, an 11-year-old gelding struggling with RAO

Koń z RAO

BUFFLO, 11 YEARS OLD, approx. 700 KG, GELDING, Noble Half-Breed/Polish Sport Horse, RAO

Horse History: The horse is currently used for recreational purposes, and about four years ago was in show jumping training. The first serious symptoms appeared three years ago. Shortness of breath, wheezing, strong cough, difficult-to-expel secretion, accelerated breathing, belly pumping. After a veterinary visit, RAO was diagnosed. Steroids and other supplements were introduced.

Previous Treatment: In a crisis situation, a steroid was administered intramuscularly, followed by Dexamethasone Krka 20mg tablets in the following days, and later additionally Ventipulmin. Besides, supplements including Yarrowia Equinox Respiratory, herbs were permanently introduced. Hay was soaked, and the horse was kept on peat bedding. The last steroid treatment was around August/September 2023. After discontinuing steroids, symptoms returned fairly quickly.

Hempqualizer+ Supplementation:

First treatment (end of November/beginning of December):

  • The first treatment lasted 14 days. The horse was pumping and coughing, but after 3 days of administering Hempqualizer+, the breathing was normal, no belly pumping or nasal discharge. After 14 days, everything was normal. The horse has been without supplements since November, only on feed for coughing horses.

Second treatment:

  • On 26.12.2023, the horse was wheezing, unable to get rid of nasal discharge, had a sharp cough, belly pumping, and shortness of breath. In such a situation, a steroid was always administered. I gave Hempqualizer+, starting with 1 ml on the first day and 2 ml for the next three days. On the second day, no wheezing, and on the third day (29.12.2023), only a cough remained. Breathing was normal, no belly pumping, and a beautiful mucus was expelled. Currently, only sporadic coughing remains. After contacting the manufacturer, the treatment will last 30 days. No other supplements are being given at this time.

Additionally, I noticed that there are no morning swellings on the legs, which we also had a problem with.

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