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Case study of 16-year-old Berenika suffering from RAO with particularly severe symptoms. Case description prepared by the owner.

biały koń w stajni z RAO

Berenika, 16-year-old mare, Malopolska breed, RAO

Horse History: The mare has been with me for 1.5 years. Used only recreationally a few times a month, mainly for trail riding. The previous owner occasionally noticed coughing. In the spring of 2023, her condition suddenly worsened significantly, with strong coughing and shortness of breath. RAO was diagnosed in July 2023. Changing to free-range housing conditions and undergoing steroid treatment unfortunately did not have an effect.

Symptoms: Strong coughing in series. Intense belly pumping and accelerated breathing occurred almost continuously. Severe coughing attacks in higher gaits. After a dose of exercise, thick, white discharge from the nostrils.

Previous Treatment: Steroid treatment and expectorant medications. The diet was changed to feed dedicated to horses with RAO, additionally, the mare received supplements and herbal treatments (horehound, marshmallow, and plantain). All these treatments minimized the frequency of coughing but did not affect the heavy, accelerated breathing and the mare's persisting poor condition.

Results and Course of Hempqualizer+ Supplementation: Before starting the Hempqualizer+ treatment, I stopped all herbs and supplements. In the first few days, the coughing intensified significantly. After consulting

with a representative of the company, the dose was increased to 2ml for 4 days. After this period, the coughing almost completely subsided. In the following days of the treatment, a significant improvement in the horse's condition was noticeable; she was relaxed and eager to work. We decided to use doses of 2ml every other day in our case. After 2 weeks, there was a definite improvement in breathing, and the belly pumping became almost unnoticeable. The condition was not perfect and worsened slightly after the end of the treatment, but due to the increased dose, it lasted less than 30 days. According to the recommendations, we will certainly continue using Hempqualizer+. So far, it is the only preparation that provides clear relief to the mare and quickly brings visible effects.

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