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Nervous, aggressive, difficult to cooperate horses - the case of Philip

Philip, age 8, working recreationally 5 times a week for an hour at a time, in good shape, slightly overweight


There had been a reluctance to move forward for some time. On the calf he was starting to buckle all over. All ok at a walk, the problem increased as the pace increased. The biggest problem was galloping. The problem also appeared when riding on contact and when touching the neck from the saddle. Checked by a zoophysiotherapist, no problems at all. Over time the problem escalated, there were attempts to bite when cleaning and boarding. The problem with forward movement also escalated. The horse was able to kick, buck and even ride into fences with the rider. He was, of course, weaned, then dealt with by an advanced person. However, the problem systematically returned.


The horse has been receiving 1ml of Hempqualizer+ every day for the past two weeks and the positive effect of the product can be seen. Above all, the horse is no longer aggressive towards humans. Sometimes he tucks his ears or wiggles his head, but he is no longer a threat when cleaning and saddling up. Unity has also improved. He moves eagerly forward on the calf and does not tense up as before. He still has a slight problem with galloping, but it is more a matter of time. Currently, he is back to working under young riders at the nursery and the kids are able to ride him independently at a walk, trot and go over bars, which was impossible a month ago. There are no situations where he is kicking, bucking or trying to ride into fences to get rid of the rider. We plan to administer the formula for the next 6 weeks.


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