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Manny-atrophy of suprascapular muscle

In June of this year we were approached by Magda, Maniek's owner, a great lover of horses, who also runs a boarding facility for them. It so happened that Maniek happened to be infirm and was in the process of recovery due to atrophy of the suprascapular muscle. Taking into account the wide spectrum of positive effects of Hempqualizer preparations on the musculoskeletal organ, digestive system, nervous system and general well-being (including mental) of horses, Magda decided to give our preparations a chance. What came out of it you will find out below.

A gelding aged 15 years, atrophy of the suprascapular muscle, the cause was probably damage to the nerve plexus.

An ultrasound examination showed no damage to the muscle itself. Palpation examination showed a lot of soreness in and around the muscle. The zoophysiotherapy treatment consisted of massage and relaxation of the structures of the neck, shoulder, scapula and foreleg. 

The prognosis for this type of injury is good, but rehabilitation can take up to six months. The only work the horse is expected to do until the lameness disappears and the muscle recovers is active walks at a tarsier. Electrostimulation 2 times a day with alternating EMS TENS currents and anti-inflammatories were recommended.

Due to the risk of ulcer recurrence, the owner decided to abandon traditional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in favor of non-gastrointestinal preparations.

Hempqualizer+ at a dose of 1ml per day and Boswellia Serrata at a dose of 1950mg per day were used.

Hempqualizer administered every morning straight into the mouth. The horse took it willingly and there were no problems with the application of the product. 

The first observations were a marked reduction in muscle tension. The horse was calm, which is extremely important in the rehabilitation process. With previous injuries, just walking on a tether sometimes bordered on the miraculous and was dangerous for both man and horse. With Hempqualizer, the problem disappeared, even though the horse was taken out of training. Throughout the rehabilitation period, it was possible to get on and ride with ease. 

As for the effects on the injury itself, after 3 weeks the lameness decreased quite a lot, the muscle began to convexify. After 6 weeks, a check-up was performed and the horse was officially given the green light to return to training. The zoophysiotherapist was delighted with the quick return to fitness. 

In addition, observations with the use of the product included a reduction in joint shearing. Due to osteoarthritic changes in both ankle joints, there was often a distinctive shearing in the joints at changes in the weather. After a week of using the preparation, the shearing stopped. 

In addition, it is one of the few musculoskeletal supplements that does not cause the gastrointestinal problems that occurred with previous supplementation. 

Calming at work and in daily life. Administering the product 40 minutes before riding calms the horse perfectly. There is no feeling of a ticking bomb. You can calmly introduce exercises and focus on work. Previously, during the recovery, we tried many calming preparations and none had such a pronounced effect. 

Calming also took place in the paddock. The horse belonging to those very active, prefers to roam, play and run rather than stand and eat. Prior to the administration of Hempqualizer, he was able to run on three legs and stand up to brake. During the 6 weeks of supplementation, there were literally a few times when he took off at a gallop or bolted, but all within reason. 

After a 3 week break from supplementation, when the horse had already returned to work at 3 gaits, stiffness in movement was noticed, especially at the beginning of the ride. This is probably related to the spay or mild overtraining. In addition, the horse began to get a little stressed which manifested itself in constant biting of the bridle. The stiffness and biting lasted about 20/25minutes at the beginning of the ride. Hempqualizer+ was applied again and after 2 days the situation returned to normal. We got a loose, eager to work horse. 

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