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In today's world, every success story can inspire and give hope to others who may find themselves in a similar situation. Today, we would like to share the special story of Draco, a 9-year-old pony who, thanks to the product Hempqualizer, found relief in the battle against the severe discomfort caused by advanced laminitis.

In the text below, Ms. Marta Kwiatkowska from the Pomagaj Pomagać Różaland Association describes her journey with Draco, from moments of pain and helplessness to an unexpected improvement. This story is not only a testament to the effectiveness of Hempqualizer but also a reminder of the power of hope and the relentless care for our four-legged friends. We invite you to read this inspiring story, which could be a light at the end of the tunnel for many other horses and their caretakers.


Draco is a 9-year-old pony that was rescued along with his mother through an intervention. He suffers from severe laminitis, which caused significant discomfort. So much so, that the pony was mostly lying down. Every attempt to lead him to the paddock (about 100 meters from the box) sometimes took up to half an hour.


We focused mainly on an appropriate diet to improve his quality of life; he was regularly examined by veterinarians and had X-rays taken. He often received anti-inflammatory drugs, and every four weeks, we properly cared for his hooves. Unfortunately, nothing resulted in a lasting improvement. Yes, it was better, but only "for a moment."


A friend recommended Hempqualizer to us. It can safely be said that it was our last resort. We knew we had nothing to lose because Draco was suffering greatly. Initially, we were skeptical and thought it was all in our heads until the volunteers began to notice a drastic improvement. At first, Draco began to go out to the paddock much faster, so well that we had to be careful he didn't run off somewhere along the way (he went out "freely"). But we were concerned about his very frequent lying down. After about 15 days, we began to notice that he was lying down less and less, that he would approach the water or hay quite spiritedly without any effort. This made us incredibly happy. It is also worth mentioning that we were often in constant contact with the person from Hempqualizer, who continually advised us when to increase or decrease the dose.

We are very surprised by the effect of the Hempqualizer because, as I wrote above, it was our last resort when even anti-inflammatory drugs failed and no improvement was visible at all. With Hempqualizer, it only took 14 days for the effects to be noticeable. I would like to emphasize that we were desperate because Draco is indeed a difficult case.

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