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We present the story of Ajra, a mare with a big heart and equally large stature, a tale of transformation, challenges, and an unyielding will to improve. Purchased as a recreational horse, her beginnings with new owners were not easy. Characterized by a strong need for movement and a love for people, Ajra had to face adversities that made shared moments with her a challenge. From difficulties with control, through injury, to frustration caused by weather limitations—each stage of her story highlights how important it is to find suitable solutions for the well-being of both the animal and its caretakers. See how supplementation with Hempqualizer+ affected Ajra, the comfort of working with her, and the comfort of the owners.



Ajra was purchased by us a year ago as a recreational horse. She was broken in at the age of 4, then worked very little afterward. Naturally a forward-going horse, she loves people but is not necessarily aware of her own size (weighs about 800kg). The beginning of work was quite difficult; the mare was hard to control, escaping under the rider due to lack of balance. When we managed to work through the balance and riding in three gaits, unfortunately, an injury occurred—a muscle damage during a dispute in the paddock. Rehabilitation in walk lasted 3 months and was met with a terrible autumn. Less movement, lack of stable ground for work, and a rather tight arena for the size of a large horse with balance issues led to increasing frustration from the mare.

In short, it started to become dangerous. The mare was very nervous when being led, splashing, bucking, pulling. In work, both under the saddle and on the lunge, she fell into escape mode, which became dangerous both for the horse and human due to lack of balance and frequent stumbling.


We decided to introduce Hempqualizer in a 2ml dose before work. It turned out that for her size, a 2ml dose was too much! We settled on a dose of 1ml 15 minutes before work. We quickly regained a stable, emotionally balanced horse, who began to think rather than run blindly. She works a lot on the lunge, not pulling us along like children, and under saddle, instead of fleeing when she loses balance, she began to slow down and even move to a walk. She comes off the paddock with her nose to the ground. She stopped pacing nervously along the fences. Even small children groom her in the aisle, and she endures everything with epic calm. We hope the crisis has been averted. There is still a long way to go to "create" the perfect horse for beginners, but we are optimistic. Hempqualizer was used daily for three weeks; currently, for over two weeks, it has not been needed, but we have it on hand just in case.

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