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Hempqualizer in a horse with peptic ulcer disease

Zephyr, gelding age 6, French Trotting breed

Horse with a sporting past, track racing.

Stomach ulcers, horse treated with Omeprazole.

September 2022

Horse severely underweight, nervous, winding up, in the paddock lethargic or hooked.

In October, Hempqualizer+ was introduced at a dose of 1ml per day.

After the first week, positive effects were noticeable.

The horse became more relaxed and began to willingly interact with other horses in the paddock. He started to play and even defend his position in the herd. He is much calmer on rides and the problem of loose stools has ended.

After a month of supplementation, the horse has gained weight significantly.

First photo September 2022, second photo November 2022

The positive effect lasted until 2 weeks after weaning off the Hempqualizer. The horse maintains weight, but again the problem of stress poops on rides, bolting and snapping in the paddock and nervousness at feeding time has returned.

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