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Courtesy of one of our clients, we are pleased to present a brief yet informative case study of her gelding affected by epilepsy.

Koń z padaczką

Millas, 23 years old, gelding, noble half-breed, epilepsy

Horse History: Mainly used for recreational purposes, we had a sports episode - 4 years in show jumping training. Currently, 3 times a week on the lunge, and once for recreational work.

Problem: 13 years ago, the first attacks and diagnosed epilepsy. Due to the lack of medical equipment in Poland (CT scanner) and limited knowledge about equine neurology, the disease was left 'to itself' with the environment secured to minimize dangerous objects. Recently, there was a change in the horse's living place and attempts to administer CBD in pellets. The attacks did not cease but their frequency decreased.

Supplementation with Hempqualizer+: Currently administered Hempqualizer + at a dose of 2ml per day, which at this moment also reduces the number of attacks and they are shorter in duration, with the horse recovering consciousness more quickly

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