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We present the case study of Sierra, a 13-year-old Trakehner mare with a significant Thoroughbred mix, who, despite being completely blind due to untreated episodes of Uveitis (ERU), found a new home and a chance for further life. The text was prepared by the owner.

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HISTORY: Sierra is a 13-year-old Trakehner mare with a significant Thoroughbred mix, whom I adopted a year ago, already completely blind. Diagnosis - untreated ERU.

The right eye still reacts to light, the left does not at all, and the pressure in it is rising.

I don't know the history of this mare, but she definitely belongs to the group of sensitive and difficult horses. I only found out that after losing her sight, she calmed down significantly.

The last year has been a real rollercoaster of gaining trust, ground work, attempts at riding, progress, and many steps back.

PROBLEMS: We went through many injuries, wounds, orthopedic diagnostics, dental consultations, consultations with a physiotherapist, finding the right pasture and horse companion, working on separation anxiety, and dealing with being in too large a crowd in the arena or hall.

Sierra is a typical mare; I never know what kind of horse I will find each day.

At times she can explode and push forward or rear up regardless of the fact that she cannot see where she is. The next day she is lovely, cuddly, and willing to cooperate.

She turned my life and that of my loved ones upside down, but I have never regretted this decision because I know I was her last chance for further life.

Currently, we have returned to basics, and without any pressure, we are gaining mutual trust.

We still haven't mastered loading into the trailer, and the pressure in her eye is rising. For now, without additional symptoms, but deciding on adoption, I took into account that a trip to the clinic and enucleation might be necessary in the future)

HEMPQUALIZER SUPPLEMENTATION: Hempqualizer was recommended to me in a closed group focusing on comprehensive natural horse training.

I was looking for the best product that would naturally support us in work and be a solution in critical situations.

I am a veterinarian, I deal with small animals on a daily basis, and I am quite familiar with the supplement market in this field. The composition of Hempqualizer plus really interested me. The paste arrived when Sierra was horribly swollen, and it wonderfully helped her get through stall rest. I have already used 1.5 packages (administering almost daily), and upon saturation, I really saw an improvement in behavior. Sierra, as a blind horse, has a lot of muscle tension, additionally very subtle degenerative changes in the ankle joints, so this preparation is a solution for us not only behaviorally.

The best calming results we get when I manage to wait about 1.5 hours before work. I have learned to read her well enough that already upon arriving at the stable, I can see what kind of day she is having and what to expect.

Hempqualizer will definitely become a permanent fixture in my kit. Its decisive advantage is the composition, multifaceted action, and the fact that it can be administered as needed and achieve a calming effect in handling, which greatly facilitates our work.

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