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We present another short case study of a somewhat nervous horse suffering from RAO (Recurrent Airway Obstruction). This time, for a complete improvement of RAO symptoms, it was necessary to introduce an appropriately prepared feed ration - Hempqualizer alone was helpful in limiting nervous discomfort, but it had no obvious impact on RAO symptoms.



Donny has been with us for four years. Three years ago, his occasional coughing intensified into severe respiratory distress. We treated him with Flegamin, but crucial for healthy lungs was the change from hay to silage in his voluminous feed ration. However, this feed is too rich for an overweight Tinker. His kidneys and liver were being overly burdened by the protein-rich diet. In the spring, we began to mix the silage half-and-half with double-dusted hay. Unfortunately, Donny developed a cloudy discharge from his nostrils and sporadic coughing.

Supplementation with Hempqualizer+:

We then started administering Hempqualizer+ at a dose of 1ml. Donny has significant problems regulating his emotions in certain situations such as lunging, feeding with rich food, or being alone in the paddock when the other horse is taken for training. The first thing we noticed after administering 1ml of Hempqualizer+ was calmer breathing and the cessation of nervous foot scraping in usually stressful situations.

We increased the dose to 2ml daily for a month. Unfortunately, the cloudy nasal discharge and coughing persisted. We continued to administer the 2ml preparation over the following weeks and alternated the silage with double-dusted hay, which we soaked in water for no longer than half an hour.

With this combination, Donny now breathes normally, the discharge from his nose has disappeared. Donny no longer coughs.

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