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We present a case study submitted by one of our clients. The case concerns an 11-year-old mare, Kalimka, who struggles with her estrus cycle. The owner had been searching for an effective calming product for some time. Let's see if the search ended successfully.

Biały koń na łące

KALIMKA, 11 YEARS, MARE, PRE (Pura Raza Española), CALMING

HISTORY: The mare, which I acquired 6 years ago from Spain, is characterized by a lively temperament. She is healthy, has been tested for ulcers and reproductive organ diseases, with results confirming the absence of these conditions. Despite her good health and advanced training, the mare struggles during her estrus cycles, becoming very nervous and skittish.

PREVIOUS TREATMENT AND METHODS OF DEALING WITH THE PROBLEM: Before using Hempqualizer products, I tried various calming supplements, such as magnesium and herbs, but without long-term improvement. Hormonal therapy with Regumate was also used but did not produce the desired effects.

EFFECTS OF USING HEMPQUALIZER+: For the past 3 months, I have been using Hempqualizer+ before each ride. About 40 minutes after application, the mare starts to snort and visibly relaxes. She is less reactive to external stimuli and more relaxed, but does not show signs of drowsiness or sluggishness. Also, when performing new exercises or in the field, she is much less stressed. Hempqualizer has significantly improved her well-being and quality of life.

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