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We present a case study of a horse belonging to one of our clients who struggled with excessive nervousness for a long time, which, as is often the case, directly resulted from pain due to undetected health problems. Text prepared by our client.

horse on a paddock

Evangelista, 6 years old in May, gelding, Wielkopolska breed, calming

History of the horse and the problem: A nervous horse, weaving, noticing, and hearing everything. In the spring of 2023, during breaking in (CBD in granules was used), he experienced severe back pain. Several months of searching for the cause, no improvement despite visits from physiotherapists and a veterinarian. After changing stables, he became even more nervous - he was given CBD in granules + magnesium with tryptophan - I saw almost no effects.

Finally, in November 2023, the horse went to the clinic - diagnosed with 3/4 ulcers and inflammation of the long back muscle.

Supplementation with Hempqualizer and its effects: In December, I accidentally came across Hempqualizer, read reviews, and wanted to try it.

We didn't see changes immediately, only after about a week did the horse start to calm down, and now after a month, the change is incredible. From a skittish horse, he has become more attentive, calmer, quieter. I think we found our "golden mean" to support his psyche.

In summary, Hempqualizer definitely helped heal the ulcers/erosions after discontinuing the medication, calmed the horse, and neutralized the psychological problems caused by the ulcers, which also relieved his back because he wasn't tensing his belly. Now, in worse weather, which "ulcers" don't like, he gets a larger dose (2-4 ml Hempqualizer) to support him more.

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