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In our latest case study, we present the story of transformation that one of our client's horses underwent. This case highlights the challenges faced during training, caused by the horse's behavioral and health issues, and how Hempqualizer contributed to improving the situation. The case study was prepared by the owner.



Cooper came to us when he was just under 3.5 years old.

From the very beginning of his training and first jumps, he had incredible endurance problems, lacked the desire to train, and had issues moving forward. We decided to start diagnosing him, and it turned out that the horse had roaring (whistling dyspnea).

We decided to take all steps to relieve him and sent him for surgery.

After a long convalescence, the horse returned to training, but health-wise, something was still off - from a decline in form to tail rubbing, dull coat, and poor weight gain.

Currently, we suspect he has ulcers, which we will also be diagnosing soon. Cooper is a very sharp and energetic horse. He gets very excited about other horses, which causes him to lose focus and come up with a million not necessarily smart ideas per minute.

Effects of using Hempqualizer+:

Since we started using Hempqualizer+, I have noticed significant improvement. The horse is definitely more engaged in training, listens very well, is calmer, and most importantly, is very keen to relax, which was a major issue for him. Thanks to Hempqualizer+, my collaboration with the bay horse is at a much higher level, riding with other horses in the arena is no longer a struggle for us, and besides, cinching the girth and standing in the stall is not as difficult anymore.

I definitely recommend it to everyone!

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