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We present a case study of Bonita, a 20-year-old mare of the Polish Noble Half-Breed, submitted by her current owner.

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Bonita has been with me since August 2023. I bought her as a horse for light recreation for one rider, which means for me. The previous owners didn't have enough time for her and wanted her to be in good hands.

From the beginning, Bonita was known as a big teddy bear, very submissive in the herd and avoiding all conflicts. Due to the fact that she cannot see with her right eye (mechanical damage from previous owners), she can react quite nervously to sounds and noises.

Bonita is a beautiful and smart mare but very emotional, which causes her a lot of anxiety, tension, and nervousness. In April 2023, she was treated for ulcers.


Two weeks after arriving at my place, Bonita started to lose weight significantly even though she was fed 3 times a day plus hay and grass ad libitum. Sometimes it's normal when changing stables, but not to this extent. I knew then that she was a delicate horse. Re-feeding was a long process. Since she has ulcers, the diet and feeding had to be cautious, and weight gain was very slow. After 2 months, she looked better but still quite thin. Bonita became very nervous, leaving the herd or going for a walk ended in a lot of stress and galloping in circles on the lunge. The farrier, who previously had no problem, became a drama in November, and I didn't know what was happening. I introduced hemp pellet, magnesium chelate, valerian, but unfortunately, although used daily, it did not have an effect.

I called a physio to relax the tensions in Boni's body a bit, but even the physio noted that the horse was very nervous, it was hard for her to stand still, she tried to swallow and then recommended Hempqualizer. And since I also decided to change stables, it was a good moment to try this preparation.


I started supplementation with 2ml per day for 3 days before changing stables + 4ml on the day of changing stables. Then I continued supplementation with 1ml per day for a month.

Already during Bonita's introduction to the new stable, a clear reduction in stress was visible, the first thing she did was stand at the hay feeder and calmly explore the area. After 2 weeks of use, I felt like it was not the same horse. Walking outside the stable away from the herd was no longer a problem but rather she eagerly explored the surroundings. For the first time, I saw her beautifully rolling around. Bonita also started to gain weight nicely, where the amount of feed was reduced to 2 times a day. I had to change the girth from 120 cm to 130 cm. The physio in January also confirmed that there was a significant improvement in her behavior and tensions in the body.

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