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We present another story, submitted by one of our clients. This time it's about a somewhat overexcited horse and the effects of using Hempqualizer on him. As always, the text is authored by the owner.

koń biegający po polanie


HISTORY: We have been together for 16 years, I bought him when he was 14 months old. During this time, he was used recreationally, and from the age of 8, he was in more regular training with a coach, and basically until today in continuous, regular, varied training. The horse is healthy, uninjured. Raised in a free-range environment. Occasionally taken to the stable at night because we often travel, so staying in the stable cannot be a problem for him. Confident, likes to move, eager to run, eager to play, very sociable, very willing to cooperate with humans, learns quickly, gets bored quickly, and therefore tests the human, willingly suggests his own ways of doing things and, in short, living.

PROBLEM: Actually two problems; the first appears in the autumn-winter period when Alex works less due to poorer ground (we don't have an indoor arena, I have him at home), which is not suitable for work every day. As a result, boredom comes and he looks for his own entertainment, or rather hoof. In the herd, he tires other horses, gets frustrated when they don't share his enthusiasm for play and running. At work, during this period when we can work, he has a problem with concentration, gets annoyed and tense when he encounters my disapproval of his ideas. He is a horse that challenges leadership, tests, and can get agitated. This is difficult because the autumn-winter period is also the time when we most often go for training, workshops, and courses. Practically every month. In addition to difficulties with concentration and subordination at home, there is the difficulty of concentrating on work on trips in unfamiliar places and the second problem; transport. Alex doesn't like to travel and it's not related to fear/scare of the trailer, but to the fact that the trailer severely limits him. As a runaholic, it is emotionally very difficult for him to endure several hours of confinement in such a small space. And while he is physically able to reconcile that he has to enter and go, emotionally he is not. He doesn't eat during transport. On trips, there are also problems with normal feed intake. Depending on the place, in some stables it is better, in others worse. In places where horses coming to clinics do not have the opportunity to leave the box for quarters for, say, two days, it is really difficult for him.

PREVIOUS WAYS OF DEALING WITH THE PROBLEM: Work, as much as any work, even for 20 minutes, but every day. If you can't run, then work that occupies his mind so as to minimize boredom as much as possible and fully satisfy his needs. This, of course, is very much dependent on the weather, so it works as long as the weather is good and you can do something and have somewhere to do it. However, when emotions associated with a new place/entry are added, it is

mediocre. I used CBD in granules given with feed and I can't say I didn't see effects, it was not bad, however, when we are on a trip and Alex refuses to eat a meal because he just has a better occupation, it was not effective. Moreover, CBD supplements are not very tasty, and he is a horse for whom this makes a big difference and he could even refuse to eat at home when I needed to increase the dose. I also tried preparations containing L-tryptophan, but they did not work at all in his case. I didn't see any difference at all.

HEMPQUALIZER+ SUPPLEMENTATION: I decided to try Hempqualizer+ on the occasion of one of our trips and the first such long transport, which was to last at least 5 hours. I knew it would be very difficult for Alex because the distance was large, there was a very high chance that it would be prolonged, and the center we were going to is a place far from those we have been to so far. Large, sporty, with a lot of horses, with a lot of foreign infrastructure, where a lot is happening. In one sentence, a very difficult place and a very big step out of

our comfort zone. I needed something that could really be given regardless of the circumstances of nature. I chose Hempqualizer+.

Before loading, I gave 3ml and basically 30 minutes after administration, it was visible that the preparation works. Calm, soft eye, no tension, which I noticed during preparations for entering the trailer, better acceptance of the fact that we are going. During transport, even though we were stuck in traffic jams and he had the right to be impatient, he didn't, and most importantly for me, he ate hay which had never happened before. After 5 hours of driving, he got out of the trailer very calmly, was not excited about the fact that he was in a new place, entered the box and started eating hay, did not call out. Upon arrival, it turned out that we were the first, and the next horses would only arrive at midnight. We were there around 18:00. So he had to spend those few hours alone in the stable assigned to us. He behaved very well, calmly, had no problem with it at all, occupied himself with eating. He also ate dinner without a problem, which was really exceptional. The next morning he ate breakfast without a problem and I decided to give 2ml of hempqualizer+ before the first training because it was to take place on a very large, fully equipped colorful obstacle course, and Alex had never seen such a thing. The environment was also very changeable during the training. The lesson went surprisingly well, without unnecessary excitement and emotions, focused, it was visible that it really helped him find his way in such a new and dynamic environment. The next day I reduced the dose to 1ml before training, and the third day I didn't give any at all. The horse behaved wonderfully, ate meals, ate hay, we spent 7 days there. On the way back he got 3ml of hempqualizer+, loading and travel went smoothly. At home during unloading, there was no excitement, he joined the herd in the pasture as if nothing had happened. I also used hempqualizer+ during our subsequent trips to workshops, with very good effect. In addition to the fact that the horse ate feed normally, I noticed that he had no problem with unexpected stimuli, with bad weather, with a booming hall from the wind, with staying on it alone during private lessons.

We also use it now, because autumn and winter have come and it is a very good time to test the effect of hempqualizer+ and hempqualizer (because this one also works for us on a daily basis) in such everyday use. I give 1ml per day and 1ml per night. The horse does not tire other horses, does not destroy fences out of frustration, is pleasant to work with, when it is possible both from the ground and under the saddle. He can concentrate much better and not get frustrated when he doesn't get permission for teasing. From additional effects that I noticed since I use it, Alex maintains mass much better. In winter, he always tended to lose weight, related to lack of work, but also lower temperatures and burning off nerves, and at the moment he looks really very good. I am very satisfied with the action of the preparation and I highly recommend it.

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