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We present the story of Weltina, a 6-year-old mare who struggled with health issues that significantly complicated her life. After a cold that seemed to have healed, she began to experience respiratory problems, coughing, and discharge from the airways, which ultimately led to an asthma diagnosis. In search of relief for Weltina, her owners tried various methods—from environmental changes, inhalations, various types of supplements, to steroid therapies (the only effective ones). Finally, after many trials and errors, they discovered Hempqualizer+, which brought a significant improvement in her well-being. The following short text, written by the owner, tells of Weltina's difficult journey through health problems and how a new solution changed her life for the better.


Weltina was 4 years old when she got a cold, which we thought had healed. Afterwards, she began to experience shortness of breath, coughing, and small amounts of secretion from the respiratory tract. After an endoscopy, we received an asthma diagnosis. Improvements were only seen in cool and damp weather. We changed the environment and moved to another region of Poland, but this did not bring the expected improvement. Additional endoscopies and lung ultrasound examinations were performed. In April 2023, we conducted blood allergy tests, which came back positive – Weltina has a class 6 allergy to grass pollen, and to a lesser extent to ragweed and willow pollen. Symptoms of severe shortness of breath, which worsened under stress (she is very sensitive, and stress factors can be routine changes or a suddenly appearing dog), such as coughing, occur rarely, as the secretion is deep in the bronchi. However, Weltina has highly irritated mucous membranes in the respiratory tract and red, teary eyes.


So far, she has been given herbs to support the immune and respiratory systems, and various supplements for horses with this problem. She also received inhalations with physiological saline and steroid medications (she was on steroids throughout the summer of 2023). Other than steroids, nothing brought an effective and visible effect.


When the willows began to bloom and associated respiratory distress occurred in Weltina, I started giving her 2ml of Hempqualizer+. On training days, she received the preparation 40-60 minutes before exercise – the expectorant effect was very noticeable. After about 1.5 weeks of use, we reduced the dose to 1ml of Hempqualizer+ daily. A reduction in nervousness was observed; she is generally calmer but not "dopey", she is also more focused and does not get distracted while being groomed, and is able to stand still calmly. Since using Hempqualizer+, she has had no asthma attacks. I am very satisfied with the product and its effects.

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