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We present the case study of Salvador, who has joint issues and severe separation anxiety.

biały koń z lękiem separacyjnym


HISTORY: The horse was purchased as a 'one-person horse,' used for light leisure riding with the owner.


  • Degeneration of the crown joint of the hind leg

  • Stiffness in the hind legs (undiagnosed spavin)

  • Severe separation anxiety

SUPPLEMENTATION WITH HEMPQUALIZER+: I bought Hempqualizer+ in the summer of 2023 during a promotion. I thought it would be suitable as a sedative for the planned stable change (end of August/beginning of September) due to Salvador's emotional nature. Arthritis and joint degeneration are actively treated by a veterinarian with the drug Cartrophen Vet every 8 weeks, and we use silicon and MSM for constant supplementation. While we calmly waited for the stable change with Hempqualizer in reserve, we had a box rest – due to a problem with the coffin bone, the horse had to wear a bandage on its hoof for about 10 days, during which it couldn't go to the pasture. After just 2 days of box rest, the lameness and stiffness of the hind legs returned, so without much thought, I started supplementation with Hempqualizer+ at a dose of 2 ml/day. The preparation worked very quickly as an anti-inflammatory, the lameness practically disappeared immediately, and the use of the hind legs became much better. During the use of the first tube of the preparation, we changed stables – it was an enormous emotional experience for Salvador, and he did not immediately feel comfortable in the new place. Thanks to the calming effect of Hempqualizer+, the acclimatization in the new stable and integration into the new herd went quite successfully.

So far, we have used one tube of the preparation, at the end of August/beginning of September, and in my opinion, this treatment has had a strong anti-inflammatory effect on my horse's musculoskeletal system. Currently, I am planning to introduce another series of Hempqualizer.

I highly recommend the product for all horse owners with movement problems or with overly 'emotional' horses.

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