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A peaceful New Year's Eve for Your horse.

The use of Hempqualizer during the most difficult time for animals, the New Year's Eve.

In earlier years, behaviours such as:

-General irritability


-Fearfulness even in familiar situations

-Impulsive reaction to the sound of firecrackers -Running in the box during fireworks

-Running around the box during stalls -Disregulation of the digestive tract

-Digestive tract dysregulation, stress pooping

Method of supplementation

3 days before, Maniek and 2 other horses were given 1ml each of Hempqualizer+.

On New Year's Eve at 11pm they were given an additional 1ml of Hempqualizer+.


-The horses were definitely calmer

-During the shots during the day they rested in the paddock without nervous reflexes

-During the walk, Maniek reacted practically unresponsive to the shots

-The midnight hour itself went by very calmly

-The horses in the English boxes mainly watched the fireworks show, without nervous reflexes or panic

-The horses mainly watched the fireworks show, with no nervous reflexes or panic -There were no stress poops or other stomach sensations

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