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We present a case study involving 5 horses and how they managed to get through New Year's Eve 2024 without unnecessary stress, typically induced by New Year's fireworks displays. The text was prepared by one of our clients.

Using Hempqualizer+ to Reduce Stress During New Year's Eve

Hempqualizer+ was administered to five horses to limit hazardous behaviors during firework explosions.

Four horses reside in an English stable, where it is very noisy on New Year's Eve and overlooks a street where villagers set off a large number of fireworks.

The supplementation began three days before New Year's Eve, with all horses receiving 1 ml of Hempqualizer+ daily. On New Year’s Eve, the dosage was increased to 3 ml per horse.


  • During the individual explosions that occurred during the day, the horses showed absolutely no reaction.

  • No nervousness or other behaviors that had unfortunately occurred in previous years were observed.

  • One particular horse, a 23-year-old gelding named Lucky, typically reacts panic-stricken to explosions. In previous years, attempts to calm him with herbal sedatives or even sedative drugs like Sedalin paste were unsuccessful. These treatments did not produce the intended effects. During the explosions, Lucky would run around his stall, crashing into walls. He was too scared to eat, approach the door, or interact with other horses. This year, he handled this stressful period much better. While signs of anxiety were visible on Lucky, especially on New Year's Eve, there was no running or crashing into walls. He functioned normally on other days and did not pose a danger to himself or others, which had been an issue in previous years.

  • The other horses endured the barrage of fireworks without much distress. They quickly returned to eating hay in their stalls.

Administering Hempqualizer+ not only limited the stress associated with the explosions on New Year's Eve but also facilitated a return to daily routine without unnecessary nerves.

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